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• July 28-30, 2017 "Bodyfest Canada" festival at Bare Oaks
• July 28-30, 2017 "In the Wild 6" naked camping trip
• TBA, 2017 Varous outings, gatherings and events!
• To get on Nomad's list please apply
• See now also event listings at:
• To attend please make a profile at

• June 16-18, 2017 "Bodyfest California" festival at Lupin Lodge
• June 24-26, 2016 "In the Wild 6" naked camping trip
• June 12, 2016 "Beach Bums" open gathering
• June 9 "Lupin Lodge group photoshoot" free entry for the day
• June 3-5 "Retreat 2016" Bodyfreedom workshops and creativity
• Feb 14 "Naked Rollerskating" South Bay - email for details
• Oct 17, 2015 "Night of the Naked" Halloween Party
• Oct 10, 2015 "Beach Bums" open gathering - no photos meetup
• July 10-12, 2015 "In the Wild 5" naked camping trip
• June 19-21, 2015 "Bare Your Soul" tantra yoga exploration

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Join the Naked Club

Are you a "naked person"? Do you love being outdoors, clothes-free, feeling the sun, water and gentle breeze bringing you closer to nature? If so, then we want you to join us at our exciting naturist events and outings in California, Toronto (Canada) and a few other new places! You don't have to call yourself a "nudist", you already know it is perfectly natural to be without clothes at the right time in the right place. The "Naked Club" has had over 500 people participating over the last few years. We have lots of room to grow and want YOU to join us!

We mainly do day-trips to natural locations where we explore, hike, climb, play, and swim together while clothes-free. We are now also in Southern Ontario (Canada), Nomad's home.

We also have larger events, nude gatherings, parties, camping trips and multi-day events at retreats where workshops let us explore ways of expanding our body-awareness.

We usually try to maintain a gender balance M/F 50/50 at our events. Some events are more flexible. Join us now

Where is this Happening?

Most people in our group live in the greater Bay Area of central/northern California and most events and outings happen within a couple hours drive of San Francisco.

We have also been building a group in Toronto and the southern Ontario region (Canada) since it is Nomad's home. If you live in Toronto or within 100 km, and want to join the new Canadian group for this coming year please complete the application or send an email.

Naked Club Events

There are 3 kinds of events:

1 ❂ Ongoing social events with a theme which are open to everyone especially those who are unsure, are camera-shy, or males without a female "buddy". New this year, these
no-photography events give new people a chance to try the Naked Club without committing to being on-camera. These meet-ups also give experienced members a chance to see each other regularly. If you are interested in only this type of event, please register with our page, or email me.

2 ❂ Large Social gatherings usually with organized workshops, contests, camping or a theme that can accommodate a good size group. Examples are Bodyfest, Bare your Soul, In the Wild. They often last more than a day. These usually feature photography and gender balance, but not always.

3 ❂ "PhotoNaturals" small group outings to interesting locations. These day trips are by invitation-only (after you are fully registered with us) and usually have no more than twelve people. Often a small payment is offered for participating and being on-camera. Creating really interesting and energetic photographs and videos is at the core of these events. They are a lot of fun!

“What is PhotoNaturals?”

The PhotoNaturals Project is the Naked Club program of organized naturist events and outings for our registered members that involves photography and videography. the trips are documented visually so that the rest of the world can see how natural, free and healthy outdoor social nudity is. Our vision is to depict naturism as a positive and uplifting experience against a backdrop of forest, ocean, river, sky, earth - joyful free bodies connecting with the universe on a sensual and spiritual level. We show that all bodies are beautiful, not just the cultural ideals.

“How much does it cost?”

Basically this is free to participants. If you go on a PhotoNaturals day trip you will probably be offered a fee, money in your pocket, for being on-camera. But the retreat events packed with fun workshops could have a small admission fee that helps cover the costs. On the whole, we try to keep events free. Support revenue is generated through the Naked Club website.

“Is this for me?”

If you are free-spirited and feel comfortable naked in nature with a mixed group of males and females, then you will enjoy the Naked Club adventure. You do not have to be a dedicated nudist - about half of our members were first-timers when they started. You should be a happy, friendly, energetic and physically active person, age 18 or over, and not afraid of cold water, heights, casual physical contact, or a little bit of effort. There are no limitations concerning looks, size, race, gender and sexual orientation. But we are looking for the right spirit!

“Who are the people I will be with?”

Every person invited to a PhotoNaturals event or outing has been selected by us after going through an application process. We group people that we think will get along well, and we make sure at least half is female. There are always a few experienced people who can provide guidance when needed. Everyone knows this is a non-sexual situation and knows how to behave. We have had great success on all the outings.

“Tell me more about the events!”

The day trips can happen throughout the year and the locations and dates are not publicly announced - Naked Club members can suggest locations, themes, dates and then others are invited or placed by request. Bigger events have set dates and more people can be accommodated.

BodyFest happened again on June 17, 2017 weekend at Lupin Lodge near San Jose and Santa Cruz, California. It's an excitement-packed day of games, contests, live music, dance, bodypainting, performances and workshops. Last year we had close to 100 people participating. We have decided to take a break for 2016 as we restructure our organization.

In the Wild is a naked camping trip into the Sierras wilderness. We did our 6th trip in June 2016. Don't miss out!

“Who is running this group?”

My name is Nomad and the PhotoNaturals Project is my nudism brainchild. That's me in the photo to the left, yelling out directions. I am a photographer/videographer/web-designer who enjoys the nude outdoor experience and decided to create a visual body of work expressing this feeling of joy and freedom. As of 2017 we have completed well over 60 different events, excursions and gatherings. The result of all this is an amazing body of visual work (much of which has not been seen yet), but mostly it has resulted in a vibrant group of body-freedom enthusiasts.

“How do I get involved?”

We are looking for people who believe in body-freedom and have an energy, spirit and enthusiasm for the goals of the Naked Club and the PhotoNaturals Project.

Apply to join the fun!

Or just shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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PhotoNaturals Participation

Experience our nudist freedom through photos and videos at our website:

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