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Please complete this application page if you are interested in participating in our photo and video group day trips into nature. These trips are mostly gender-balanced. You are required to live in the greater Bay Area in California or the Southern Ontario / Toronto area of Canada. You will sign a release agreement that permits the possible use of imagery in all media - this means anyone might see your image any time - if this is not acceptable PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION.

If you live elsewhere or do not wish to be in photos, you should sign up at our new social website where more events are being added from around the world and where you can create your own events too. Create a profile at...

...and then fully complete the profile until you have one green checkmark. Then go to the main...

Naked Club world events page

...and look for events to participate in. It is still a work-in-progress and should become more complete in a few months.

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  • If neither of these location options apply to you please DO NOT complete this form. Instead follow the Naked Club links shown higher on this page and make a profile there instead so you can participate in a broader range of world events and places.
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This form gives us some idea about who you are, what you are like and how you might fit in with what we are doing. Within a few days we will contact you with more questions, or if everything looks OK I will be able to include you in my list of people to book for various outings and shoots.

At some stage you will be asked to complete another online form which is the actual participation agreement.

You need not be too concerned about specific dates if your availability is unknown at this time. Later we will try to get you involved on a day that is good for you. Thank you for your application!